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No Free Ads but WOULD!

I wanted to write a blog about my Oura Ring and all the information I gain wearing it. This thing can tell you everything from your best bedtime,  heart rate, and  HRV. Truly helpful, but my kids said that is boring. They would have said "no free ads" if they were smart. Dorks! Anyways, here is a "less boring" blog. 

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I love flowers! It made my day when Stu Feiner sent 100 floral arrangements to the office for all the ladies (and men to take to their wives, and Brandon Walker to take to his wife and daughter). The ultimate act of kindness! Apparently, this was to "right a wrong." I wouldn't know, I live hours behind the internet, so if there was something on Twitter, I didn't see it. Nope. Not me. Onward! I love the flowers. Would! 

Then, Stu tells me, "I am over 50 and need to accept it. I am out of my prime" Moments later, I was told I look like Juli Andrews. Who is 88? Beautiful. But, 88. EIGHTY-EIGHT. 


Giphy Images.

All was better when Stu came on the Cause I Said So podcast - Shock. The good kind! I learned about the perfect hour of sex, golden showers, and the start of his career. It was a great interview. Stu is so kind and energetic. My "mom" friends who listen to the podcast got a KICK out of him, but valuable for any age. Linked below: 

Wednesday, I made mouth-watering homemade Samoa cookies for the office. Four hours of labor for these bad boys! Nothing compared to a child, but these don't talk back.

They tasted better than they looked, and they looked good! 

But this… Assult from Big Cookie Cat! 

It was a fast comeback from this assault because I met a beautiful lady! I must live under a rock because I had not heard of her, but Pat to the rescue. He told me to watch the youtube video of her playing "lifeguard", then I found myself watching videos of her interviews. She is SMART and well-spoken. 

Favorite photo of the week goes to this Andy Warhol DOG! I saw him (or her) walking and chased them in the subway for a photo. Look at the details around their eyes and feet, and they are painted just perfect. I love the attention to detail. 

I'll leave you with this- call your mom today. Or text her. Just say hi, and ask her what she is doing. It will mean the world to her. 

With love, 

Kontent Kim