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Australian Football Fans Storming The Field After Buddy Franklin Became The 6th Player Ever To Kick 1000 Goals Makes Every Other Field Storm Look Like A Light Breeze

Holy shit that was awesome. Definitely a major oversight that we don't have anybody following along the Australian Football League to alert the Storm Chasers to get their ass to Sydney for this one. Figured Reags would already be on it, but I guess he actually sleeps from time to time. Either way, that was a field tsunami. 

In the middle of the game, no less! Thousands and thousands of fans just saying screw it to the rest of the match and hauling ass out to the middle of the pitch. I don't know how scoring in Australian Football works but from the look of that 107-69 score, I'd imagine both sides would have been totally fine with just ending the game there. Seems like it would be a helluva lot easier to call it a night after that kick instead of trying to get all those people back in their seats to play another 5 minutes. 

Just imagine seeing this and then still being at Clemson on a Saturday in October thinking you should rush the field because your football team kicked the shit out of Boston College. 6th player to ever kick 1000 goals in the AFL vs a very standard win that was never in any jeopardy. Slightly different scenarios to say the least.