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Coaching 101: Eric Musselman Has Zero Shame In Thanking Every Arkansas Hater In The World

I know we're Muss guys and all that. But fuck it, this dude is awesome. There's a reason I started blogging about him back at the Nevada days. There's a reason Arkansas is in the Elite Eight again. I felt bad not talking about them enough because Muss isn't just a gimmick coach like so many people (see: the haters he's referencing) like to describe him as. They like to talk about how he's a media guy and how he can sell the team but what about coaching. Well, he's in the Elite Eight again. 

And of course this is peak Muss. Actually, I lied about that. Peak Muss would have his shirt off. Peak Muss would be painted and somehow even sweatier. 

There is something about the way Muss blends transfers and guys returning and now decent recruits. He just finds a way to make it all work. I said it before but what he did on the defensive side of the ball today was a masterclass. Then how he basically picked on Timme defensively and got him put on an island was really what sealed it. 

So shout out Muss. Have no shame in keeping a list of haters and using it as motivation. Thats just coaching 101.