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Philadelphia's Iconic Villanova Takes Care Of Michigan And Advances To The Elite Eight In The Name Of Philly

Bang! Again! That bum Smitty is too lazy to get up a blog about Philly's favorite Philly school so I have to give them their due credit! S/o to our Lord and Savior El Presidente for the fair Michigan rumpus, but he's still winning as The Captain Of Philly still has his school in the dance! Jay Wright advances to his zillionth Elite Eight for the historic Philly staple that is Villanova! It doesn't matter if the school resides on the Main Line and is the only Big 5 School that doesn't have a Philadelphia zip code! It also doesn't matter that they're a bad basketball program away having the media coverage and fanbase of Ursinus College (Go Bears!)! 'Nova is as Philly as Ben Franklin since birth or Jim Thome's Wall Of Fame worthy career! Go Cats Go! Feed me another parade down Market St...IN PHILLY because it's definitely a Philly school!!! BANG!!!