Doorbell Camera Captures Insane Video of UFOs over Las Vegas

One of the arguments UFO debunkers - most notably Neil DeGrasse Tyson - often cite for their skepticism is the proliferation of video cameras. "How is it," they'll ask "That everyone with walking around with a camera in their pockets, we're not seeing tons of video evidence that these phenomena exist?" 

I've heard different answers. Some believers have suggested that people are naturally in shock by what they see and rarely think to get their phone out in time. Some posit the theory that these UAP are aware of who can see them, and avoid detection. (Which is used to explain why many people report multiple encounters while the vast majority of us never experience one.) Still others will cite the reports of pilots that have said engaging with these objects has resulted in failure of their most advanced electronic systems, and therefore they're able to "jam" your phone. 

Personally my explanation to the skeptics question is actually much simpler: 

We are getting more video evidence. 

This doorbell camera clip above is just the latest example. UFO Sightings Daily has the background:

Date of sighting: March 15, 2022

Location of sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Wow, watch a fleet of UFOs shooting past a guys doorjamb at night in Las Vegas, Nevada. The objects are flying really low and close the the tops of the houses. Most public and military jets have rules that prevent them from flying this low, so I don't think those are military jets. Two come so close they look like flying disks! Amazing video and great proof that aliens exist and they enjoy buzzing over Las Vegas. Viva Las Vegas! 

Its also a well known fact that in Las Vegas, is Nellis USAF base. And the US military gave an allotment of land to the TALL WHITES, a species of alien that lives to be 800 years old. They were go given land behind the old firing range behind Nellis AFB. They used the land to create underground bases, where their UFOs do not inform the USAF of their comings and goings. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

See what I'm saying? Glowing objects, buzzing over treetops lower than public or military aircraft are allowed to fly. Flying disks zizzing back and forth in the Vegas night. Unawares that they are being recorded, not by a person actively pulling out their phone, but by the passive technology of a camera designed to stop porch piracy. (That for whatever reason is pointed up at the night sky, but what's it to you?) All happening in proximity to Nellis Air Force Base where the US military ... gave land to ... the um, Tall Whites. Who are ... uh, 800 years old? Underground bases? 

OK. Never mind. I kind of regret taking a deep dive into this. Be careful what you wish for, I guess. But you have to admit, that footage is pretty freaky.