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Mile High Stadium Is On Fire

Now there's something you don't see every day. However as a Mets fan who has actually seen his favorite team's stadium light on fire multiple times in the past, I will say this feels like some serious bad juju for the 2022 Broncos. Granted, the Mets have been a black cloud of bad juju for years and this feels like the exact kind of scene that could kick off an America's Game after a Super Bowl, unlike the shit that literally went down in Washington last season.

But other than that, this feels bad for the Broncos and Mile High Stadium. Yes I know they call it Empower Field At Mile High but I think that name stinks while Mile High by itself ruled. Shit, that's probably why God smited the stadium with some fire for ruining something so good and pure. The only time I can remember seeing a fire turn out well is when Pride Rock burned to the ground after ALMOST 30 YEAR OLD SPOILER Simba took down his fuckface Uncle Scar which led to the rebirth of the pride as the Circle of Life was corrected.

God dammit, Russell Wilson is definitely going to say something corny like this when they ask him about the fire, huh? Anyway, shout out to Denver's bravest for containing the blaze and ensuring nobody got hurt.

h/t Dave