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Our First Ever deGrom + Scherzer Day Was The Most Violent Thing On TV Yesterday

Look at Clem going to the current events well yet again! But if working for this fucked up company has taught me anything, it's to bleed every click out of a seismic event, be it a massive pop culture or a "gate" controversy involving the New England Patriots.

Anyway after witnessing our first ever deGrom + Scherzer Day, I am officially declaring that Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer are be the greatest combination I have ever encountered, finally topping the beautiful peanut butter + chocolate dynamic duo that turned Old Man Reese into a bazillionaire. I mean look at this utter filth and carnage that can somehow only be described as perfectly beautiful.

Giphy Images.

I still can't believe this is our lives as Mets fans. Perhaps the two best pitchers in baseball (regardless of what that louse Bill James has to say) on the same team, a lineup filled with studs, and a a payroll approaching $300 million that will only go higher from here on out. Thank God that Uncle Stevie came into our lives and we must all baptize ourselves into the Church of Cohentology.