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Sound Advice From Mintzy On Playing Poker At A Casino For The First Time


On this week's episode of Cracking Aces, the Destroyer and the fellas do a life reset. We get updates on the Mintzy Tour, talk some WSOP plans, and answer listener DMs. We get a lot of DMs asking beginner questions for both tournaments and cash games, and Mintzy gave solid advice to a question we get a lot- how to adjust to playing poker in a casino for the first time:




Don't over think it. Playing 1/2 or 1/3 (or 2/5) at a casino might look intimidating if you've never done it, but 10 minutes in after the initial shaky hands, you'll realize it's the same game as you've always played. Just sit comfortably, don't be a dick, and enjoy yourself. If you play solid ABC poker at low stakes, you should be a winner in most games. 

We also get a lot of questions about playing tournaments for the first time, especially WSOP events. Same type of thing- once you buy in and have your chips in front of you, everyone is on the same playing field. Don't think you need to play "passive" or "aggressively" or change what you know- it's still the same game. Then as the tournament proceeds, you can adjust to the players at your table. But still, don't overthink it. 

We've have a great run of guests recently on the show who have talked about their lives, how they got better at poker, advice, fun stories, life, and more. I love talking to people way smarter than me, a lot of elite poker players have incredible brains and have perspectives and experiences you don't often hear anywhere else.



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