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The Projector Broke At A Movie Theater In Burbank So A "Psychic Comedian" Decided To Take Measures Into Her Own Hands And Perform A One Woman Show For The Captive Audience

Upon my first viewing of this video I was furious that this person existed. Every single human in this theater has a phone, we are all hardwired to have our entertainment bricks running 24/7, everyone would have survived a brief wait to get LOST CITY up and running. But the longer the video went on my rage began to turn towards a different target: the audience.

The fuck was everyone laughing and clapping for? Not a single person called the police, no employee emerged from a side door carrying a shepherd's crook to yank her off the stage, not a single boo shouted nor tomato thrown. I understand the last two years have been lonely for some, even the slightest bit of human interaction could feel like a warm embrace from a loved one, but we gotta cut the shit before people believe this behavior to be ok. Like how at the pond they have signs that say not to feed the ducks because it will only attract more ducks. Similar situation here. Treat it like the subway performers in New York: do not make eye contact, keep your head down, they will move on to the next car at the next stop. The lines have been blurred, folks do not remember how to act in a civilized society, encouraging this behavior in the New World is not ok and I'm putting my foot down to stomp out this fire before it spreads.