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Happy National Cheesesteak Day To You And Yours

There are certain moments throughout the course of human history which were pivotal in the advancement of our species. The understanding of fire. The invention of the wheel. And whoever first decided to throw some thinly sliced ribeye on a (preferably seeded) long roll smothered in cheese and caramelized onions changed the world forever. 

The thing about a cheesesteak is that it's the every man's sandwich. As long as you're doing it right, you can make it as "shitty" or as fancy as you want and it's still going to kick an insane amount of ass. You can have that sloppy drunk 2am cheesesteak and it's going to hit just as hard as one that's made with wagyu grass fed ribeye on a roll that his been baked in-house and covered in some premium cheese with onions which have been sautéed to perfection. Obviously the perfect cheesesteak is somewhere in the middle between those two, but the point I'm getting at here is that it's always going to get the job done either way. Whether you're wearing a Koy Detmer Eagles jersey and pajama pants or you're wearing a suit and tie, there's a cheesesteak for you. Unless you call it a steak and cheese. In which case you can go fuck yourself. 

So to celebrate National Cheesesteak Day (which, to be honest, it's pretty fucked up any of us are working today) here are some of the best steaks that money can buy in Philly/surrounding area. 

Okay let's be honest, the conversation starts and ends with Angelo's. 

Also I'd like to take this moment real quick just to say a quick RIP to Jimmy G's. Nothing was better living in Fairmount than taking the Broad Street line back home from an Eagles game, hopping right off at the Broad St stop and grabbing a few Jimmy G's steaks for the rest of the night. But now some asshole is turning Jimmy G's into luxury apartments. 

Makes me sick and I'll always hate whoever lives in those apartments because they'll never be as delicious as a steak from Jimmy G's when you're plastered at 5:30 on a Sunday.