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Saint Peter's Legend Doug Edert Is As Humble As Anyone In College Basketball

5.8 miles. That's what stands in between Barstool Sports HQ and the Saint Peter's University campus in Jersey City. It was so close that I would be doing college basketball fans a disservice if I hadn't crossed the NY-NJ border and checked out Peacock Nation before this year's NCAA Tournament Cinderella departed for the Sweet 16 in Philadelphia. After our crew headed to campus in the afternoon, I saw that the real party was going down later in the day:

So, after a few back and forth trips through the Holland Tunnel, I rode solo to the Sweet 16 send-off at 6:30 PM. 

I was genuinely interested to see what the crowd was going to be like at a once-in-a-lifetime event like this. There are only 2,418 full-time students, but how many of them would flock to the campus quad to send their Peacocks to the City of Brotherly Love? When I initially got there, it was a slow start…

But shortly before the team's 6:30 PM departure, the vibe changed QUICKLY. There were even some peacocks spotted in the wild!

I mentioned that our crew was on campus earlier in the day, but it was a short visit (due to media not being allowed back on campus until the send-off). By the end of the night, I got us back on the good side of Tim from campus security.

At this point, there was only one thing left to do: wait for the arrival of the Peacocks. And a few minutes later, the feel-good story of the 2022 NCAA Tournament had emerged:

The crowd then followed the Peacocks to the team bus, and I wished the one and only Doug Edert good luck before taking on Purdue. At first, I received the cold shoulder.

But that's not who Doug Edert is. I later found out that he was wearing headphones under his hood, and really appreciated the support:

Doug Edert: A baller. A sick mustache. And some very cool gear available on the Barstool Store! 

So, that was that. The Peacocks loaded up the bus and were off to Philadelphia, with the hopes of becoming the first 15 seed EVER to advance to the Elite Eight.

We also just released our video from the group's adventure to campus earlier in the day. Remember to like subscribe to our channel for some more exclusive content coming your way over the next few weeks!