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Every Day People DM Barstool With Videos They Want Posted On Our Main Instagram Account... We're Here To Show You The Best Of THE WORST Of Them

TODAY at 5PM the fellas from ANUS are pushing out a new show and I'm excited to be a part of it. Clearly...

But I mean it! Because this show highlights one of the things I love most about working here - the DMs we all get (usually sent around 3am) containing a cell phone video & some form of the question, "Yo! Can I Get This On Barstool?

It is with almost 100% certainty that the video they've sent is one of the, and I say this with love, absolute worst and most unfunny sequences of all time. Though I know it will never see the light of day, I usually don't have the heart to say 'no', so I respond along the lines of,

"Oh nice! Send that to the main account and who knows!" 

My replies pale in comparison to the expertise of how KB has handled submissions, as shown in his The DM Chronicles blogs…

..Which is why I'm so pumped for this series. The worst of the worst (in the best possible way) of the videos sent to Barstool will finally have their moment in the sun as Nick, KB and I dive in to find desire in the undesirable. Will that 4 second video you sent back in '20 of your buddy just.. wearing broken sunglasses in a bar make the cut? Tune in tonight!!