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Zack Greinke Traded His Autograph For A Picture Of This Fan's Outfit Because It May Be The Most Ridiculous Outfit Ever Worn To A Baseball Game

I mean what a look by this fan. Forget wearing your favorite jersey to an MLB game anymore, it's all about rocking the full weed ramen kit, complete with weed hat. I think Zack's request for a picture in exchange for his autograph is fine, it's fair game. I've never actually seen an actual Instagram ad in real life, but here we are. You could probably smell this guy coming off the concourse. I could only imagine the contact high the fans around him got, I'm sure Greinke got a whiff of the devil's lettuce as well before heading out to the mound, kind of hard not to. If I had to guess, this is probably what a good amount of the people in Arizona look like, it just seems to fit. I'd think that beard wouldn't do well in the heat of 'Zona, but I guess it's just a dry heat. I also kind of wish that Greinke made this a pre requisite for getting his autograph, he has to be allowed to take a picture of you in exchange for his services.