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Halo Infinite Has Been On Life Support Lately So Gamers Are Starting To Demand New Content Be Added To Save The Game

Tough scenes out here for Halo Infinite. The game had such a mega-successful launch and seemed to be on top of the gaming world. For a short period of time, it really felt like Halo was BACK and in a big way. The gameplay was smooth, the new movement mechanisms were an awesome addition and the overall Halo scene just felt revitalized.

Fast forward 4 months later and the game is completely on life support. 

Hackers are everywhere, the ranked mode is very mediocre at best and there's been very minimal content additions. The biggest miss of all was not having Forge available when the game released as Blakey Bagz points out:

Forge is so enjoyable because it just allows the players to make as much content and chaos as they want. The gaming scene today is so much different than it was in 2004 when Halo 2 was king. It's like getting a really old school football coach that only wants to run the ball up the middle - at a certain point, you have to adapt to the ever changing game and start incorporating passing into the offense if you wanna be successful. Halo never seems to be able to add their "passing game." While Halo will always have a special place in gamers' hearts, but we can't keep playing virtually the same game for 2 decades. It just quickly gets stale.

Now, I don't think the absolute solution is to add a battle royale mode - I'm not even sure if a Halo BR would even be good. But, I'd like to see Halo try and adapt to make the game more playable in this current gaming environment.

At the very LEAST, we need some more maps and a more refined + rewarding ranked mode.

All gamers want to see is Halo returning as the King of Gaming. 343 Industries has to move fast to save the sinking ship.