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BREAKING: The Chiefs Have Given Tyreek Hill's Agent Permission To Seek A Trade, With The Jets And Dolphins Reportedly Looking To Acquire Him

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Jeeeeeeesus Christ, will the NFL chill out for just one day? Just kidding, I love all this shit. I'm not sure how or why every good player in the league seems to be rumored to be on the move this offseason, but I truly hope this is the new normal. It's like watching a real life Madden Franchise Mode play out on a daily basis where people trade all their draft picks because who gives a shit about picking some computer generated player who MIGHT be good in three years.

As for this Tyreek Hill rumor, I'll treat it like I do every other report from an NFL #insider in that either the team or an agent leaked this in order to get what they want, whether that's an extension or an actual trade. However as someone that is a Giants fan, let me just say if Tyreek does get traded, please keep him in the absolute horror show that is the AFC where roughly 95% of the star players that have been moved this season have ended up. And if/when Tyreek gets moved, let's just say someone that happens to be writing this blog is ready to pounce on the Mecole Hardman First Touchdown prop 17 times next season responsibly on the Barstool Sportsbook because we are duuuuuue.

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*Juju is definitely going to ruin every single one of those bets then piss me off extra by doing a TikTok with Jackson Mahomes after each of those touchdowns.

UPDATE: Fuck yeah!

I know I used a Rapsheet tweet to start the blog and a Schefty tweet for the update. Be cool, sometimes we have to mix insider sauces to make the blog work

Between signing Terron Armstead yesterday and potentially teaming Tyreek Hill with Jaylen Waddle as a fillllllthy 1-2 WR combo, this could be a huuuuuge W for Tuanon. Or Tyreek goes from having Patrick Mahomes throwing him the ball in an Andy Reid offense to Zach Wilson in a Mike LaFleur offense, which feels extremely Jetsy (I say this as a Mets fan who has lived the baseball version of this a million times).

I’m guessing the Tyreek Hill trade goes down right as the Thursday NCAA Tourney games tip off, the team that doesn’t get him makes a trade for another receiver when the Friday night games tip off, then Saturday and Sunday games involve some other star being moved. Regardless, I wish the very best for both teams/fanbases involved in these rumors because it keeps Tyreek in the AFC and the NFL at the top of all our timelines in what has to be the most batshit offseason ever.