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Let This OnlyFans Model Who Took Nudes in Her Hospital Bed While Recovering From Brain Surgery Be an Inspiration to Us All

In a world that is running short of good news at an alarming rate, we need positive stories of hope and survival more with each passing day. And so it's my privilege to present you with this one. About an OnlyFans model who steadfastly refused to let a little thing like major brain surgery stop her from sharing her content with her loyal followers:

Source - Taking nude photos is always a no-brainer for OnlyFans model Ruby May.

And the 25-year-old stayed devoted to her followers, even when she was forced to undergo brain surgery.

May kept it sexy during her hospital sojourn when she was admitted for surgery on March 4, taking NSFW snaps while in recovery for five days and posting a steady stream on her fan page.

“I can never bring myself to stop working and I took nudes in the bed in my hospital gown the day after surgery,” she told Jam Press.

The Sydney native ... was diagnosed with Chiari malformation, a rare condition that occurs when an area of the skull contorts and puts pressure on the spinal column. 

The busty brunette [says] she has made millions on OnlyFans. But her enormous presence on the adult content subscription service has helped pay for her brain surgery. ...

May explained that her fans were “mostly concerned” for her well-being and she’s “close” with them — almost like they’re her “friends.” 

“They loved the nudes but they told me I needed to take a break from working. It doesn’t feel like work when you love your job,” May noted.

This tale of heroism in the face of adversity should serve as an inspiration not just to the purveyors of R-rated softcore online porn, but to all of us. My first inclination is to compare Ruby May to Michael Jordan climbing out of his hospital bed in the Finals or Curt Schilling in the Bloody Sock game, but it goes way beyond that. 

She's Jim Abbott throwing a no-hitter with one hand or Monty Stratton pitching with an artificial leg. Hers is the kind of story that reminds anyone suffering from a major ailment that they still have a purpose to fulfill in this life. That they are still needed by those who care about them. And that they owe it not only to themselves to get well, but to all of humanity. Because we are all connected in this complex, delicate, gossamer web we call life. 

Here's wishing a speedy and full recovery to this remarkable entertainer. Who demonstrates through her courage and tenacity that the show truly must go on. Godspeed, queen. And thank you for your service.