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Always Be Branding: Maryland Introduced New Head Coach Kevin Willard By Giving Him The Most Thoughtful Gift In The World

I can't stop laughing at this. First off how did Kevin Plank not have time to get Kevin Willard a gift? Mark Turgeon was fired/quit on December 3. Everyone in the world said Kevin Willard was likely going to end up being the head coach. That's plenty of time to come up with something than ripping a giant Under Armour sign off the wall and making Jimmy Patsos handing it to him. 

Now as for the hire? It's ... whatever. Maryland *should* be a top-15 job in the country. Not because of their success, it's actually shocking the lack of historical success the program has had. But it's in arguably the best recruiting area in the country. They have Under Armour everywhere. But they need a practice facility and more importantly they need to get fans back. They can't leave the Big 10, but they need fans to come back out and make it old Cole Field House. 

I just can't stop laughing at that first picture though. Willard's son having to hold that massive sign as Patsos goes on. I just don't know what to fully make of the hire. Willard helped turn Seton Hall into a program again but didn't have March success. He now has to recruit at a higher level too since Maryland should be easier to recruit than Seton Hall. Just feels like Maryland missed out on some bigger names or just hire Sean Miller.