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Just Let Us Enjoy The Big Throws

Absolute Missile. Malik Willis throws gigantic tosses, rockets to the moon and back. I love it and enjoy it.

Using the biggest football guy algorithm (Pythagorean theorem) you can calculate that he threw this 66-yard cross body off balance. 

In comparison Zach Wilson had us all drooling at a similar throw last year at his pro day. Guess what? That one was 55 yards, 11 yards less than what Malik Willis tossed. Very cool stuff, big throws are what make pro days for quarterbacks, almost like how 40-yard dashes impress us every year. it was awesome

But guess we can't enjoy nice things without people shitting on them.

Like hey, why can't we enjoy big throws. Yeah, we could do the hard part like watching all their game tape and realize their tendencies and intricacies translate to the NFL but that's time-consuming.

What your asking me to do is date their game tape and get to know them on an emotional and spiritual level to one day make them a life partner. Big throws are just Kate Upton on the cover of Sports Illustrated 2012. We don't actually know her, but the big throws make something in our brain release dopamine. Sorry Trey Wingo I'm not here to have a 5-year relationship with all QBs game tapes, I'm just here to ogle at the big throw and think that QB will be good in the NFL, just like Kate Upton would be sick to marry. (She may not be but she can make huge throws). Now we look at huge throws.


The GOAT pro day throw.

This one went to outer space.

Hell, even the fake ones are good. (SI 2012s were real).

Now we talking Juggs Machine throws ;)