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Jazz Chisholm Continues To Be The Coolest Player On The Diamond, Debuts His New Sick Ice Cream Cone Gloves

Name a cooler player in the bigs than Jazz Chisholm? You can't. He has the eurostep homer, he has the bling, he has the flashiness. And now he is starting his own custom line of baseball gloves. And these aren't your normal baseball gloves, this isn't the leather you saw on the JV field, these are fucking sick. Ice cream cone gloves with the ice cream and sprinkles dripping down the cone, oh baby is it sweet. If there is one guy on the field that could rock this it's Jazz. J.J. Hardy couldn't rock these, Derek Jeter couldn't rock these, Jazz can rock them. I didn't think it was possible for him to get any cooler, but here I am, wrong again.

I mean these are incredible. Absolutely incredible. They look so good, the sprinkles on them look so cool, I can't get over them. I think MLB will let guys wear these? They should because they are fire. It's a great market too. We see players with cleats, we see them with their own model of glove that just has the name of the player in it, we've never seen a custom glove like this. You don't see gloves made to look like this, it's a great move by Jazz to take advantage of this. 

This is the kind of stuff that gets the kids into the game. It's branding towards the younger generation and getting their attention, Jazz is great at that. He really should be up there with names like Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto, Ronald Acuna Jr., guys like that. Young, exciting players that you want to market towards the younger crowd. What better way to market to kids than ice cream? I'm excited to see where this goes and if we see other players get into stuff like this, I'd love more players to come out with custom gloves for sale and see what cool designs they could come up with. Jazz is the perfect poster boy for something like this.