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This Man Who Included "During March Madness" Into His Wedding Vows Is An Absolute Genius, Inspiration, and Hero To Us All


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Take a bow you absolute king. That's how it's done. Sickness and in health? Sure. Richer or for poorer? Whatever. But during March Madness??? You heard her say it! And that shit is bonding! You can't pick and choose which vows you follow, it's all or nothing. If you don't let him watch March Madness, you're basically saying he can leave you if you become poor or (insert joke here about getting a terminal illness that I won't make). 

The officiant might be in her dog house for life, but I'm pretty sure that's the groom's best friend and just did him the biggest solid these eyes have ever seen. It's quite literally the biggest best friend bro move of the century. When all eyes are on the bride, she can't start negotiating at the alter. I'm sure she would go back and add "and watch Real Housewives" to her's, but too bad, she didn't think of it first. God doesn't care about what you wish you said, unfortunately. 

And so now our guy can watch college hoops, uninterrupted, for the rest of his life. Doesn't matter if they have 8 kids in diapers, vows are vows are vows and that's just the way it is.