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Brittney Griner Has Been Held In A Russian Prison For Having A Vape Pen For 40 Days #FreeBrittney

This is absurd. Brittney Griner has been locked up in Russia for 40 days already and isn't due to appear in front of a Russian judge until May 19th. That is ABSURD. You can say she was stupid for attempting or forgetting that she had weed, but this should be a ticket and confiscation at most. Not a potential 10 year sentence because Russia hates the West and gays. 

Look...I know that weed is technically illegal in both the US and Russia, but like...come on. It is 2022. Being locked up that long for carrying your personal vape is absurd. This has become a political issue and not a criminal justice issue, which it should be. It is scary that an American is locked up abroad and basically has ZERO recourse, rights, communication, or anything with her spouse, agent, American diplomats, or American lawyers. being tortured. 

Maybe not outright tortured like she is at a CIA Black Site, but she is in a Russian jail cell somewhere and that means she is getting NO sleep. The average height of a Russian woman is 5'5". Brittney Griner is 6'9". That means she hasn't had a good night sleep since she was arrested on 2/11/22. She's probably on some shitty metal frame cot with her legs hanging off the edge from the knee down. That is fucking terrible. Sleep deprivation is definitely torture. I think I would rather get water-boarded every morning than go three months without a good night of sleep. That should be a minimum requirement for political prisoners locked up abroad...a fitting bed. Probably time to re-do the Geneva/Vienna Conventions and write an amendment about sleep deprivation and beds.