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BREAKING NEWS: I Have Beef With Mike The Bike

I don’t think I’ve ever had a more obscure or strange encounter meeting someone in my life than when i met Mike the Bike at our new Philly bar on Friday night. Guy couldn’t have been faster to say his name was Mike and then immediately tell me how he wasn’t taking Robbie, Jack Mac and mines Spinnin Backfist parlay (which is now 3-0 +13.05 units thank you very much). What a dickhead thing to say when first meeting someone. “Hi I’m (blank) I wouldn’t touch your bets with a 10 feet pole!” 

Well jokes on you Mike you big dummy! You missed out on a +530 winner! If you’re not listening to Spinnin Backfist you’re missing out. All we’ve done is give out winners since we’ve started the show. On this weeks episode we recapped UFC London and have a great duel interview with the two stars of the show, Paddy the Baddy and Meatball Molly McCann. Show is now available on Youtube and all podcast platforms.