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Thank God This 'Ted Lasso' Producer Had A Great Answer When Asked If The Show Is Ending After The Third Season

E! News- You've got to believe!

Yes, Ted Lasso co-creator and star Jason Sudeikis has noted on many occasions that he's always intended for the comedy to have three seasons, but producer Liza Katzer recently revealed that the fate of the beloved show hasn't yet been sealed. While speaking with Deadline at the Producers Guild Awards on March 19, Katzer shared that the Ted Lasso team is hoping for additional seasons.

"We don't know," she said. "We hope it goes on. Initially we were down for three, but it's up in the air at the moment."

Hopefully, Sudeikis and company make that decision sooner than later, as production for season three is currently underway. And, from what Katzer and fellow producer Kip Kroeger shared at the award show, the new season will offer even more insight into the characters we've come to root for.

FUCK. YES. Since Ted Lasso has began we've kind've been told that the whole plan was sort of Vice Principals-esque how they had a few seasons planned out and then that would be it. Now maybe that sounded all well & good when the show about a random American football coach spending his time in London while coaching soccer for the first time was in production, I think it's a little different of a story now that it's one of the biggest shows on television. 

So in my humble opinion it would be a fucking SIN if everyone was capped out of Ted Lasso after 3 seasons. The world needs more of Roy Kent coaching. We need more of that scumbag Nate becoming the biggest television villain since that little twerp King Joffrey. We need more seasons to confirm that the immaculate couple of Sam & Rebecca will end up together happily ever after. And most importantly we need to see Ted Lasso find true love. Oh and AFC Richmond needs to win the premier league, too. So yeah if you can't tell we fucking NEED more seasons of Ted Lasso. Shoutout to Liza Katzer for keeping our hopes alive with that answer when asked about it.