Jimmer's Ultimate March Moment Was Upstaged By One Of The Biggest What-Ifs In Recent Memory, Something His BYU Team Still Texts About

Let me introduce you to the newest little series we have going on Bench Mob. It's My March Moment and it starts with Jimmer. Pretty good person to talk to considering he's a one-name star. Do you know how good and iconic you have to be in order to be a one-name star? There aren't many. There for sure is only one Jimmer to, something he can thank his mom for. 

But what I wanted to talk to him about and what still rings true was the ultimate March moment being upstaged by one of the biggest what-ifs. You may remember the name Brandon Davies, especially if you're a diehard college hoops fan. Davies was a great 1-2 punch with Jimmer and really someone who BYU needed because they didn't have any size without him. So what happened? 

Brandon Davies allegedly had consensual sex with his girlfriend in 2011. You see, BYU is a weird ass school. I don’t even care if that offends BYU, it’s the truth. Part of the BYU honor code says you can’t have premarital sex, which is bananas in college. Even bloggers can get laid in college. So as this came out, Brandon Davies, a starter and probably the second best player on a top-10 team in the country was suspended on March 1 for having sex with his girlfriend who went to Arizona State.

So now BYU, a 3 seed basically had a ceiling on the NCAA Tournament. It didn't matter they had Jimmer. He explained to us how the team had to rally around, try to figure out a way to now defend and were never mad at Davies. I also loved that he told us he went to BYU's head coach and told him not to worry, he'd get the extra 15 points. Love that. 

BYU eventually lost to Florida in overtime in the Sweet 16. This is where one of the bigger what-ifs of recent memory pops up. They likely beat Florida with Davies as Alex Tyus had 19 and 17 without him on the floor. From there they would have been favored in likely every game. BYU would have played No. 8 seed Butler. If they beat Butler they would have played VCU in the Final Four. There’s no doubt BYU would have been favored over both of those teams. Then the national championship game would have given us Jimmer vs Kemba in a game that would have way more entertaining than UConn/Butler.

To this day his teammates still talk about it because on one hand, they made history for BYU. On the other hand, they were *ahem* screwed. 

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