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Inside A Ferrari F1 Driver's Cockpit: This POV From Bahrain GP Winner, Charles Leclerc, Shows How Intense F1 Races Truly Are

This POV is absolute madness - here's a clip of Bahrain race winner Charles Leclerc (driver for Ferrari) while he's battling Red Bull Driver and reigning World Champion, Max Verstappen. It appears that the camera is attached to Charles' helmet, so you can see him continuously cycling through his rear view mirrors while driving at speeds upwards of 190 MPH.

I could never imagine in a million years what it's like to be driving an F1 car, while pushing it to the absolute limits while trying to push push ahead of the reigning world champion. I feel much safer sitting behind my little iRacing simulator.

While watching this past race, it's easy to get distracted by the broadcast and forget just how violent and intense these 57 laps are for each driver. Look at how much Leclerc's head is bouncing while he's driving! On top of that, think about how much concentration and focus it takes to drive at the highest speed possible, while trying to perfectly time braking and exiting at every turn.

Honestly though, more F1 drivers should follow the Big Cat Rainbow Road Strategy:

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