T's & P's To This Model Suffering From Back Tension After Getting The "Largest Breast Implants In The US"

NY Post- This busty beauty is telling fans to be careful what they wish for.

Neyleen Ashley — who underwent three boob jobs to attain the “biggest breasts in the US” — now wants her implants removed, claiming they are causing her health problems.

The Miami-based model, 33, sports ginormous 1,250 CC implants — the “largest legal implant size available in the US.”

But in an interview with Jam Press on Tuesday, Ashley alleged that the heaviness of her huge bust has led to painful migraines and back tension.

Thoughts and prayers going up Neyleen Ashley, thoughts and MF Prayers. It's a sad story to sit here and read that this wonderful lady who decided to go through separate boob jobs to attain the title of the "biggest breasts in the US" is now experiencing bad symptoms from them like severe headaches and back tension. I mean who would ever thought having the biggest rack in the US would lead to back tension, am I right or am I right? Crazy! 

I do truly feel bad though that Neyleen went from achieving her dreams in having the biggest boobs in the country to now dealing with stuff like this. 

“I’ve always suffered from horrific migraines but they got worse three years ago [after going under the knife],” the blonde revealed. “Almost every day, my upper shoulders and tendons have a lot of tension and it feels like my shoulders and neck are stretched,” she added.

At least they were making her cash all this time though right? 

But while the blonde admits that her breasts are her “money makers,” the pain has now become too much to bear.

The implants — which have cost more than $17,500 — also stop the stunning starlet from being able to properly perform her workout routine, and she now wants them gone.

“I plan on getting my implants completely removed and doing a fat draft, or just getting a smaller implant instead,” Ashley told Jam Press.

I'm very happy for her that she's going to get the implants removed so she no longer has the back tension! In the spirit of that I would be remised to not link to her Only Fans which I'm sure will still prosper even post-reduction.