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Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Dudes Being Dudes

No matter how much I attempt to avoid stupid Tik Tok trends, they find a way to seep into my social media timeline. I saw this Which One Is My Boyfriend trend pop up and used the internet as an excuse to go around and hug people in the office like a teenager rolling their face off at a shitty EDM concert.

1. Brandon F. Walker would make a great sitcom father figure. Something to keep an eye on medically, I'm pretty sure I turned into Mantis for a second while hugging Brandon. 

2.  All Business Pete - what an emotionless asshole.


FUCK. Not good. It looked like Smitty could use a hug, but not a good day for Ol' Vibbsy to be going around hugging Dave's enemies…

Spin zone: Even a dead man deserves a hug.