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Fortnite Removed Building For The Next 8 Days And I'm Here To Declare: "FORTNITE IS FUN AGAIN"

FORTNITE IS FUN AGAIN! This isn't a drill and I can't believe I'm sitting here in March 2022, writing a blog about Fortnite. So let's start from the top: Why is Fortnite fun again?

With the new Chapter 3 Season 2 update, Fortnite removed building for the first 9 days of the season. The season started yesterday, so you have 8 days to have an OG Fortnite experience where no one can build. If you're a Fortnite sweat, you can still build in Arena mode which is Fortnite's ranked mode. So this is the perfect separation of sweaty players vs casual. If you wanna grind your rank and be a complete Fortnite sweat - go play Arena. Leave the Fortnite Island public matches for the rest of us boomers and bots.

By removing building, Fortnite is evening the playing field which I'm a huge fan of. This update has been one of those times where the entire gaming community seems to be on the same page and reacting very positively to the removal of building. I really hope Fortnite sees the community's sentiment and makes a separate, no build mode permanent in Fortnite.

Lastly, Fortnite added a tactical sprint mechanism and a mantle movement mechanism into the game. Both feel very smooth and make the game that much smoother for your Fortnite character. The tactical sprint puts away your gun while you have a speed boost for close to 5 seconds. During this time, you can slide further than a regular sprint. 

The climbing/mantling mechanism is very similar to Apex Legends - you'll be able to reach heights and ledges that you previously would've never been able to. I'm a huge fan of both of these additions.

Gotta give Fortnite some credit, they continue to continuously adapt and improvise which continually brings back the OGs and new players to their game.