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Every Player The Marlins Got From The Brewers For Christian Yelich In 2018 Is Now Gone

Toughhhhh look for Miami’s finest here. The Marlins announced they were DFAing Isan Diaz, also known as the last piece they had from the Christian Yelich trade in 2018. All four players are gone. Tough to turn your franchise around when you trade an MVP and in just four seasons all the pieces are no longer in your system. It’s so very Marlins. I can‘t trash them too bad because the Orioles absolutely butchered the Manny Machado deal but at least they have players left in their system from the Dodgers.

This is one of those deals that shows why bad teams stay bad. We talk about it at the time, but the deal was awful for the Marlins. No wonder Jeter left. Rounding out where the prospects are now, Lewis Brinson is with Houston, Jordan Yamamoto is with the Mets, Diaz was with the Marlins before being DFA’d, and Monte Harrison was DFA’d just a few days back. So safe to say none of those guys turned into the players the Marlins thought they’d be.