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White Sox Dave Is Being Extorted For Talking Shit About Me

New episode is live with a bunch of guests. First up we have Ohio's Tate to give his side of the feud with Rico and why he hates Marty so much, and then Rico and Mush on to defend themselves. Next up is Paddy The Baddy and Meatball Molly to talk about their big wins, what's next, and the shocking amount of money they received from the fights.  I think I have to sign Meatball Molly.  Then in an extortion scheme for the ages, White Sox Dave is being blackmailed by some guy for White Sox tickets and Lori Lightfoot's phone number because apparently WSD just goes around and talks shit about me to everyone.  Then we have another brainiac on in Smitty to go over the company email I sent about his speech.  Both would be great frontline soldiers.  And our last guest is Caleb to preview his Sundae Conversation with Hasbulla in his first ever interview. 

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