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WATCH: Hilarious Video Of Mike Tyson Calling Out Gillie Da King For Not Being Able To Smoke As Much Weed As Him During Their Interview

(1:07:56 if it doesn't skip)

Poor Gillie. I mean what do you even say when Mike Tyson calls you out? Nothing. God forbid it rubs him the way you're a dead man. Gillie understands that which is why he kept his mouth shut. He even addressed it at 1:09:25. "You notice I always check someone, I ain't checking anyone today." 

Here's a short version of the clip for those of you who didn't watch...

Although I suggest you check out the entire interview. It wasn't a Typical Tyson sit-down, he was conformable. More comfortable than I've ever seen him. Part of that could've been because he was high as shit, part of that could've been because Gillie and Wallo have that effect on people. Whatever the case, they covered everything from Mike spending $5.5 million in one week to his affinity for hallucinogenic toads. Again, not the typical Tyson interview which is what made it so interesting. Watch the whole thing HERE. They also spoke about his time in jail which was fascinating...

Nothing I write will do the interview justice so you just have to watch it for yourself. Trust me, you'll enjoy it. Thanks for reading.