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This Thread Of Insane Stories About The Saint Peter's Program From A Former Staff Member Has Me Even More Baffled About Their Run

What the fuck man? I'll say this, I want to cheer for St. Peter's but as the fan of the team they knocked out I'm torn. How? How does Kentucky lose to THIS program? I know it doesn't mean anything in terms of product on the floor and all that. But look at this shit. They couldn't even practice. They barely had rims. Kentucky has state of the art everything. We have all the money in the world to help build the facilities. And instead we got punked. Then St. Peter's follows it up by punking Murray State, a top-20 team in the country. 

It just doesn't make sense. I know St. Peter's has the future Seton Hall coach. I know they have a ridiculously good defender and mid-major player in KC Ndefo. I know they have Doug. But it doesn't make a lick of damn sense. How did we lose to them? I mean I know how, I've replayed the game plenty of times in my head and on Twitter and via text messages. But look at these stories again. Games cancelled with leaking roofs. Rims falling off. 

This is why the NCAA Tournament is the best and worst thing in the world. It's the best because we get upsets and stories like this. No other postseason ever delivers like the NCAA Tournament. We're now at back-to-back years of a 15 seed making the Sweet 16. We get stories that you don't get in any other sport. Sure, we sacrifice the best team advancing because they tend to win in a series vs a one-off game. But that's why it's the best and the worst.