Jorge Masvidal Allegedly Jumped Colby Covington Last Night in Miami Streets

Jorge Masvidal tagged Colby last night with a "Show your face challenge". The video alludes that Colby's face got messed up in the "Fight" which I think would be unfair to call that altercation. Jumping a guy when he's getting hammered after celebrating beating your ass in a legally sanctioned fight and then trying to brag about what was most likely a sucker punch is a pretty scumbag move. 

Bob Menery's got a hand in all this because apparently him broadcasting they were at dinner together may have tipped off Masvidal his location. But that's pretty irrelevant because no one should think that sharing their location might cause someone to track you down. 

Who knows if the fight will leak but the real discussion will be how Dana White responds to this. It's a double-edged sword, do you discipline fighters like athletes in any other professional sports organization… Or do you pull a Vince McMahon and use the altercation to promote a second fight. Because this is a great promo, it will basically condone former opponents to jump each other outside the ring. 

It's very obvious that Colby Covington doesn't have a totally clean record, he is not "On-Sight" as they say. You can tell he's just a wrestler whose next progression from the collegiate level was MMA. Outside of promo, he seems just like every collegiate wrestler from the midwest. So I could totally see him call the cops as soon as Masvidal tried to jump him. The only unfortunate part for us bystanders in the whole situation:


I can totally imagine Jorge Masvidal absolutely fucked him up outside the ring. I mean the guy is a streetfighter who used to fight on Kimbo Slice backyard fight cards.

I have a feeling Colby Covington got his ass beat pretty badly. 

It's now really what do you morally value as more significant: One guy beating the other guy's ass in a fair sanctioned sight, or one guy beating another guy's ass on site. There are two schools of thought on the matter.

Jorge stated his reasoning for the alleged attack.

Jumping a guy for talking shit about your kids is one thing, but he had that chance in the octagon.