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Genuinely Insane Video Of A Truck Absolutely Dominating A Tornado In Texas

Fun fact about me you may not know: I’m fucking terrified of tornados. Don’t care for ‘em one bit believe it or not. What kind of deity would allow such demonry to exist without rhyme or reason? None I’ll be worshiping nor paying tithes to, that much I know for certain.

But after seeing this video, I’m ready to say tornados are over the hill. They’re washed up. Has-beens in the horrifying weather game. Because this Chevy ate those 200 mph winds and kept on cruising like it was delightful sea breeze and nothing more. This was like watching Jordan get crossed by Iverson all over again. It never once crossed this person’s mind that they wouldn’t get from point A to point B when they left their home. If this video isn’t Chevy’s Super Bowl commercial next year then what are we even doing anymore? Oh your truck has a 5,000 lb. tow capability? That’s adorable. Mine drives through tornados without even gearing down into 4-lo. I don’t even think the fucking paint scratched as it was spinning on its side like Curly from the Three Stooges.