It Took Grayson Rodriguez, The #6 Overall Prospect In Baseball, 53 Seconds To Record His First MLB Spring Training Strikeout. He's Good.

53 seconds. That is all the time it took for Grayson Rodriguez to strikeout his first MLB Spring Training batter. No need to mess around, 4 pitches and Kyle Garlick was back on the bench. Straight fastballs right by Garlick. First of many Ks in an Orioles uniform for GrayRod. Guy is built like a horse, throws 100 and above and isn't afraid to shove it right by you. You'll for sure see him in the bigs this season and we're all expecting big things from him. The fact that his first batter faced in MLB Spring Training ended up with a strikeout isn't a shocker, he strikes out everyone (161 Ks in 103 innings last year at 2 levels). So the fact that he made quick work here isn't a surprise to anyone. His first inning pitched only lasted 9 pitches, he was feeling it. 

The day didn't go as planned for him as he got himself into some trouble in his second inning, but that's okay. This is a guy who was making his big league camp game debut, the fact that he's out there is a huge step and it'll be awesome to see him pitch in the bigs. Everyone has speed bumps, that is what today was for the #6 prospect in the game. 

You could tell how pissed he was about the walks, 3 in total. He was not happy overall, but again just being out on the mound is big. These are big league guys he's trying to get out of jams against, this is what makes a major leaguer. Keep an eye on him this whole season, when he comes up he's going get a lot of attention. 103 MPH doesn't happen everyday folks.