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PSA: An Erotic Thriller Starring Ana de Armas Was Released This Past Weekend And Is Worth Your Attention

Last month I blogged about how Ana de Armas, the hottest woman on the planet, is going to be starring in a Marilyn Monroe NC-17 bio pic later this year. I called it the biggest moment of our lives and we need to be ready for it. Well, let's use an exotic thriller starring Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck as a warmup. They filmed this when they were dating and then it got delayed a bit, probably because J-Lo never wanted it to see the light of day. I'm sure she's thrilled with its release just as the two move into this $50 million home.

Now I want to warn everyone up front, Deep Water (found on Hulu) is not a good movie by any means. It tries its best to rehash the brilliance of Gone Girl, but falls painfully short. Without getting into spoilers too much, Ben Affleck plays the same nonchalant, care-free, monotone husband as he did portraying Nick Dunne. Okay you'll find out he cares a bit and is hiding some stuff, but it's basically the same dude. Ana de Armas, his wife, cheats on him out in the open without a single care in the world. Every party they attend she's found hooking up with someone as Ben just looks on mysteriously from afar. Both sides are too lazy for a divorce so they learn to co-exist in a way, and by that I mean Ben just gets cucked while she fucks anything that can walk. 

Good news. Unlike in James Bond where she's egregiously only in the movie for 10 minutes, de Armas is all over this one. The actual movie itself isn't going to win Oscars, but she's incredible as always and worth the watch. Let me make myself clear. This is an erotic thriller starring Ana de Armas. 

I also think I'm going to take up smoking cigarettes based on this scene along.

If you've got two hours to kill you can probably do a lot worse.