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BREAKING: Marc-Andre Fleury Has Been Traded To The Minnesota Wild

Seems like a win for everyone involved except the fans, because watching Marc-Andre Fleury has been one of the only enjoyable parts of this season. I love everything about the guy, even him agreeing to a trade that got the Blackhawks an asset in return. My all-time favorite short-term mercenary. 

I was obviously hoping for a bigger haul, but when Toronto effectively pulled out of the goalie market and decided to go with Jack Campbell there was probably only one suitor that would fit the parameters Fleury was looking for. He goes to a winner and a GM he has history with in Billy Guerin. If he comes through for them and they make a run to the Conference Finals the Blackhawks get a 1st round pick. If he doesn't it's a 2nd. I haven't seen if it is a pick in this draft or next year, but assuming it's a 2022 the Blackhawks have amassed a nice stock pile of picks so far

2022 Draft: Minimum 2 2nd round picks, 3 3rd round picks

2023 Draft: 2 1st round picks, 2 2nd round picks, 

2024 Draft: 2 1st round picks

I've said many times throughout the year that the Blackhawks need like 30-40% new players on the roster. Well I've liked Raddysh and Katchouk so far. They have over 11 picks in the first half of the next three drafts. If they hit on half of those picks and find quality NHL players there then the pipeline really starts to get rebuilt in a real way. They also have ammo and flexibility to move around the draft board if they want to trade up and get a guy they really love. And, ya know, would be nice if they won the lottery and got in the top 2. This only took 15 simulations

Quite frankly I think the Blackhawks deserve to win the lottery. Haven't won it since 2007. It's their turn again. 

Still a long day ahead for Davidson. I expect 3 more pieces to be shipped out. Just keep getting more chips to play with and get this thing turned around. Show 19 and 88 that this thing can move quickly enough to want to stay