We All Need To Be Rooting For This Kid With A Perfect Bracket & A 69-420 Championship Final Score Prediction

I mean we all have to be rooting for this kid to take this home, right? Right? The man not only clearly has blessed us with a plethora of locks, but he's also well aware that 69 & 420 jokes still obviously play in 2022. They're not dead! Gronk loves 'em. This guy loves 'em. They're back! And I see totally no reason why the winner of the national championship game could only score 69 points while the loser would score 420 and still win the game? That could totally happen and, frankly, it needs to happen...Maybe we could get a disqualification?

It's also the best how this kid knows beyond nothing about basketball and has one of the best brackets in the country. Couldn't reinforce my theory any more that literally nobody knows anything about anything. In fact I may enlist the help of my dog or my mom to start making picks for me this upcoming football season because why the hell not? What's the difference as no one literally knows anything.