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Hockey Tough: NASCAR Pit Crew Member Gets Hit By Car, Still Completes The Tire Change Like A Legend

Just imagine what the scene would be like if a player in the NBA got hit by a car in the middle of a game. There's not a shot in hell that player would pop back up to finish the game. The thought wouldn't even cross their mind. They'd roll around on the ground in agony, go to the hospital, and social media would be flooded with "thoughts and prayers" for that player. There's a damn good chance their career would end right then and there. 

But not this fella right here. My guy takes a front bumper straight to the quad and he eats it like a mad man. Doesn't even phase him one bit. Just stays locked in on his job, jacks the car up and completes the tire change because he's a Hockey Tough son of a bitch. A shattered leg is a helluva long way from the heart. So he's not going to let that stop him from doing his job. That's not going to stop him from making sure he gets that car out of that pit stop as fast as he possibly can. Because he cares about the team more than he cares about his own bones and ligaments. Bones may break, but the squad is forever. LeBron would never.