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This California City Trying To Declare Chick-Fil-A As A "Public Nuisance" Is So Grossly Ungrateful

NY Post- Traffic outside a California Chick-fil-A has gotten so cuckoo that local officials are considering declaring the insanely popular fast-food eatery a “public nuisance.”

Officials in Santa Barbara said some motorists can’t even cross the road due to the massive lines at the restaurant’s drive-thru — because they choke traffic for hours on end.

“The city’s traffic engineer, police chief and community development director have evaluated the situation and believe that the persistent traffic back-up onto State Street is a public nuisance and that the nuisance is caused by the operation of a drive-through at the Chick-fil-A restaurant,” a city traffic study concluded, according to a report by CBS News.

The study determined that the line of cars at the drive-thru window blocks one lane on the public roadway for up to 90 minutes on weekdays — and 155 minutes on weekends.

Are these Santa Barbara motherfuckers kidding me with this? Do they not realize how lucky they are to have a Chick-Fil-A in their town? Chick-Fil-A still isn't like McDonald's where there's one on literally every corner in the country!. They are few & far between yet obviously the best true fast food joint in the country so you NEED to be grateful to have one. Hell on Long Island the only ones I have are all 20-30 minutes from my house yet I routinely go on that commute because it's well fucking worth it when you happen to break down how good the food is.

So, Santa Barbara, if you're lucky enough for Chick-Fil-A to grace you with your presence you BETTER be thankful and not friggen try to declare it a public nuisance. I get it could be annoying since everyone hates traffic, but traffic is well worth it when you have a joint doling out nuggies, tendies, sangies, fries, and most importantly a hall of fame sauce in Chick-Fil-A sauce all the time. I suggest whoever the people out there are that are on the public nuisance train they simply pull their cars into the drive-thru, wait a little bit, and enjoy some chicken. Trashbags.