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Kanye West Has Been Pulled From The Grammys Because They're Afraid He's Going To Attack Trevor Noah On Stage

Source - Kanye West was apparently all set to perform at the Grammys, but his online antics have now gotten him barred ... so says the guy's own team and industry pals.

Ye's rep confirmed the news to Variety Saturday, saying it was true that the rapper wouldn't be hitting the stage in a few weeks. The reason cited ... his "concerning online behavior," which the Recording Academy clearly felt might translate to a fiasco in a live setting.

His involvement with the Grammys was something that hadn't been public until now -- earlier this week, the first round of official performers was announced, but KW wasn't on the list.

Yeah...I get it. I saw Dante had a blog in the backend siding with Kanye (spoiler alert), but this had to be done. Enough is enough. Someone has to bring Kanye West back to reality and if that someone is the Grammy Awards then so be it. The man clearly has issues and as entertaining as it may be to some, it's also kinda sad. The public pleas to Kim, the self inflation, the delusional god-like complex that he's developed over the past decade - it's gotta stop. And every time he gets a platform it gets worse. Regardless, here's the official reason the Grammy's decided to pull him...

Kanye West has been scrapped by The Grammys for his performance this year, after what insiders are calling “concerning online behavior.” But, musicians and friends are supporting the rapper over the questionable decision.

According to sources close to the ‘Donda’ rapper, his team received a phone call earlier this evening, informing him he has been pulled from the line-up of performers for the show.

Insiders say the Awards show is  “unfortunately” taking this position “due to what they deem to be concerning online behavior.” Plus, Kanye’s recent ban from Instagram didn’t help the situation.

We’re told the decision was made partially because Trevor Noah is hosting the night’s festivities and there is worry about the two men’s interaction during the show. As we reported, Kanye responded to Noah after he addressed the rapper’s split from ex-wife Kim Kardashian. “I’ll be honest with you — what I see from the situation is a woman who wants to live her life without being harassed by an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband or an ex-anything,” Noah said.  

As you know ... this saga crescendoed when Kanye called Trevor a "k***" for taking him to task on his own show about how he was dealing with the divorce, including publicly airing out the family's business. TN speculated it could lead to real-world violence, or worse.

Since then -- and after having his account on pause for a bit -- Kanye has scrubbed his account entirely.

"Concerning online behavior." In other words, Kanye went after Trevor Noah after Noah called him out for repeatedly stalking and harassing Kim. Noah is hosting the event and executives most likely don't want the two of them in the same room. Too be honest, I'm kind of surprised by the decision considering the ratings the two of them would've brought in...but again...I get it. The risk is simply not worth the reward. 

I wrote about how the pendulum was starting to swing on Kanye last week and that appears to be true now more than ever. People are sick of his shit. No one wants to listen to a billionaire complain about how tough his life is while they have problems of their own. Oh well. That's it for this one. Thanks for reading.