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There's No Bigger Hockey Guy Move Than Cup Farting Your Date At A Game

All is fair in love and war. You show up to a hockey game wearing the jersey of the opposing team and that team gets scored on? It doesn't matter if that's your girlfriend, your grandma, your 7th grade history teacher, whoever. They're taking a fart to the face regardless. Because as much as you may love that person next to you outside of the arena, you are sworn enemies for those 60 minutes between the opening puck drop and the final whistle. However, I wouldn't be shocked if this fella has a hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety later in the day for this one. 


That hit was a little high and just a fraction late. I don't think it's suspendible by any means, but I wouldn't be shocked if a fine is coming his way.

I'll tell ya what, though These two crazy kids are going to go the distance. 

Some girls want to be romanced. They want flower and diamonds and other extravagant gestures of your love and affection. They think it's supposed to be like a movie and they are the main character.  Then just as they think they've found their Prince Charming, they find him knuckles deep in their best friend because Prince Charming is typically a sleaze ball who just puts on a believable act. 

Then you get your girls who are lucky enough to find themselves a hockey guy. Sure, they'll treat you like you're just one of the boys in the locker room. Your team gets scored on? That's not the goal horn you're hearing. That's buddy unleashing a heater next to you and dunking it right in your face before the goalie even has a chance to pull the puck out of the net. The traditional "romance" might not be there, but everybody knows that loyalty doesn't get any stronger than with the fellas in the locker room. They'll go to war for each other. A bond that can never be broken. Ferda.