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Props To These Lil Punk Ass Kids For Pulling Out The "Pepper Grinder" BJ Move On Live Television During The NCAA Tourney This Weekend

Not giving these kids props for being lil punk asses in the background of Dan Bonner & Reggie Miller's shot. 

I'm giving them props for knowing about such a move at such a young age.

Look at these kids.

Have their nuts even dropped yet?


Yet they know the fellatio styles of preference at a much, younger age than my friends I were when we were introduced.

For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about- 

Urban Dictionary defines it as - 

p.s. - That kid on the left looks like the biggest future criminal I've seen in a long time. Real-life Gallagher kid If I've ever seen one.

Sweet Vince Carter Raptors jersey on that kid though. I'll give him that.