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Watch This When You're High - The Kandahar Giant

Shout out to @slimbrady for this suggestion. 

Never heard of this before but after reading up on it and watching the videos, the legend goes - 

Army officers have told stories about entire troops going missing in the mountains of Afghanistan in the early 2000s, only to find their gear in a mysterious cave with no soldiers to be found anywhere.

There’s also a solid rumour about the giant fellow with two sets of teeth driving a spear through the heart of a soldier after being threatened in his cave. Because of this, a squad with high-powered rifles supposedly shot down the giant with 30 seconds of sustained fire.

Then, as the legend has it, the army put the dead giant in a helicopter, flew away with him, and he was never seen again. Not only that, but the story itself was squashed as the soldiers were all required to sign NDAs.

All of this supposedly happened in Kandahar, Afghanistan in or around 2002. The rumours have not stopped since.

Keep the suggestions coming. Keep them classy. No butt stuff.