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A Twitter Account Credited With Breaking Several Rangers Signings Has Mysteriously Disappeared.....Turns Out It Was Son Of The Rangers' Hitting Coach Breaking News!

Uh ohhhhh, interesting things happening on MLB twitter. A twitter account came out of no where a few weeks back named "@MLBDrops". They had been breaking some news on signings with the Rangers, even getting credited by Ken Rosenthal and others. 

The signings weren't too big, but they were getting credit for breaking the stories nonetheless. They also had the report about the Rangers being interested in Trevor Story which naturally grabbed people's attention.How was this unknown account just randomly breaking all these stories? Well turns out that apparently the account was being run by the Rangers hitting coaches son. No wonder this account was getting all the stories first. 

Putting "1/2 of @MLBDrops" in your bio with your real last name when your dad is the hitting coach is not a very smart move. Gotta be awkward for Tim Hyers to head into Spring Training today and explain why his son was breaking news to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman. You knew they had to have son in with the Rangers since they were strictly breaking Rangers news, but no one knew just how connected they were to the club. Well now we know. Instead of calling his dad to see how camp was going he was calling them to ask what the opt out terms were for Brad Miller. I don't hate the hustle, you have to get scoops anyway you can. But you CAN NOT put you're 1/2 of a mysterious news breaking twitter account in your personal twitter's bio, you just can't. Imagine if this costs his dad his job. That would not be a fun father-son conversation to have. 

RIP @MLBDrops, we hardly knew ye.