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Seton Hall Loses By 27, Kevin Willard Promptly Makes Everyone Thinks He's About To Be Maryland's Next Coach

Well that's a quote that makes you go hmmmm. Kevin Willard is the current head coach of Seton Hall. The same Seton Hall team that just scored 42 points and lost by 27 to TCU in a game that didn't even feel that close. It's not exactly shocking that he's been linked to the Maryland job. He's been linked there forever. But this quote? This fast after Seton Hall was eliminated makes you think something could be up. It could be all smoke, it could be him just stepping away from Seton Hall. But either way you now have everyone on Twitter now thinking Maryland is a possibility. 

At the same time he's also basically saying hey Seton Hall, don't be dumb. Hire the guy who played for you, who ripped my own heart and soul out a day ago and is currently coaching in New Jersey. Seems simple enough. If Willard were to leave that coaching search should take all of one phone call. Hey Shaheen, it's Seton Hall. Want to be our coach? Here's a couple million. Boom all done. 

We'll see what happens but we're officially on Kevin Willard watch. Would feel like a letdown for Maryland who thought they might get Bruce Pearl or Rick Pitino at one point.