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Would Read A Mom Blog

Happy Friday!

I am not a good blogger (Editor's note: I disagree!!!!), but writing simply cannot become a lost art form, so here I am!

I am originally from Oklahoma City and lived there my entire life until this past year when my daughter had me move part-time to NYC. I must say I like it here. The pace is fast and the energy is high. Anything you want to do is at your fingertips! We walked to the Empire State Building Wednesday. Pretty incredible to be able to do those things at the drop of a hat. We're not in Kansas anymore. 



This week, I made sugar cookies that I think you #would enjoy. This website claimed they are the best sugar cookies on the internet; wild claim to make if you ask me. Can you imagine if the one thing we all agreed on was a sugar cookie superlative? They are good, but are they best-on-the-internet good? Not really (Editor's note: Kim, so modest. Kim.). 



*They don't have to be St. Patrick themed; they can be regular round sugar cookies. 

Two weeks ago, I made these Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies. My daughter called me "Little Kim" instead of "Little Debbie". The secret to the filling is this marshmallow cream Fluff.



We took the real "OG" Little Debbie Oatmeal Pic Cookies and my Oatmeal Pie Cookies to the office for taste comparisons. Mine won by a landslide! #Would!

Perhaps you could make one of these two cookies for your mom. Just a thought. Do not confuse making cookies for your mom with sending your mom the cookie recipe for her to make. Those are two very different things! 

You are a bad child if you haven't called your mom (dad, grandpa.. anyone!) and said "I love you" this week! We must call our loved ones, especially the ones born before 1980. Oh, the joy of having cell phones that allow us to stay connected. Viola! 

In your head, you're thinking "I'll do that later today" Noooo Brad, do it now. You will make her year. 

If you don't know what to talk to her about, you can send her this Mother/Daughter podcast called Cause I Said So. Now she can love Barstool too! And you two will have something in common to chat about next time you call her. Win-win!



Being a mom, I understand her pain of being "ghosted" by my kids every day. No one texts me back! 

Would listen to Cause I Said So! Would text your mom back! 

 Would like you to have a great weekend.

With love, Kontent Kim