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BREAKING: Brandon Hagel Traded To Tampa Bay For A MASSIVE Haul

There it is and there he goes. Brandon Hagel to Tampa Bay as the Lightning LOAD up for a 3rd Cup run. One of those deals that feels right for both teams. Tampa needed this exact type of player and they don't have a ton of financial wiggle room. He helps them immediately and allows them to remain competitive for the next couple years. 

With that type of asset comes a HUGE price tag because having a guy like Hagel is extremely valuable to the Blackhawks or anyone so Tampa paid through the nose. 

To recap, Blackhawks receive

2023 1st round pick

2024 1st round pick

Taylor Raddysh

Boris Katchouk

I love Brandon Hagel, but you have to do this deal. This is an incredible haul of assets and a perfect way to kick start a rebuild. Davidson got MAX value for Hagel and improved the bottom 6 immediately and hopefully can use these picks in a way that bolsters your top 6 or top 4. It is going to string when Hagel inevitably has big moments in the playoffs, but that is the price of rebuild. That is where we are. 

Taylor Raddysh is a name you might know if you're a nerd like me. He was literally linemates with Strome and Debrincat in Erie. He put up 109 points with them. He finally broke into the NHL this year. Played 53 games for Tampa. Has 12 points on the year. Nothing that will blow you away statistically, but a smart player. Good teammate. Has some skill

Boris Katchouk...don't know much him. Former 2nd round pick. Also getting his first real action in the NHL this year. Energy type guy at least in the room. 

Optimistic angle on the players is that with more opportunity in Chicago they will take their game to another level. If they don't, that is okay. They're already legit NHL guys and this was always about the 1st round picks. 

Great move for Kyle Davidson. Now it's back to work.