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This Is The Most Embarrassing Loss In School History. The Most Pathetic Showing In School History. Heads Need To Roll.

That's fucking pathetic. Top to bottom, start to finish. There will never be anything worse than what I just watched. John Calipari's rotations and decision on who was defending who was a problem. Going 1-for-6 from the free throw line in OT is on the players. Kellan Grady being in a shooting slump is on him. Davion Mintz not being able to defend a soul is on him. Sahvir Wheeler's shot selection is on him. Keion Brooks being a junior and refusing to grow a set of balls and develop is on him. 

Heads need to roll. This is the first time I truly question how much longer John Calipari deserves to be at Kentucky. He needs to understand the importance of shooting ASAP. Stop relying on guys like Sahvir Wheeler, who is a fine point guard in the mid-2000s. Start developing guys if you're not landing the true one-and-dones. It's been 7 years since a Final Four. That leash is gone.

Fuck this. 

You don't lose to St. Peter's at Kentucky. You don't blow a 6 point lead late. You don't choke in overtime. I want heads to roll. I don't want the same old bullshit. Calipari needs to make changes to recruiting and developing. Get assistants that are offensive minded. Do whatever it takes. This is unacceptable.

I was never more wrong about a team than this. They peaked in January with the 100 point win against Kansas. They choked down the stretch. They never figured out how to play at full strength. Everyone associated with Kentucky should be embarrassed. This is the worst performance in school history. Not losing in the NIT. Not Evansville. This. Rock bottom and the lowest point you can be.