This Cheerleader Is Easily Indiana’s Best Player Tonight

I swear on my life I was seriously sweating this saga for a minute. They couldn’t get it with the mop handle so they had to bring out a chair. But the referee wouldn’t let the players climb on the chair with the mop because of safety concerns. OHSA compliance, nice. No game ball, bad. Mark Emmert was mere moments away from unilaterally postponing the game and that’s when the IU cheerleaders quite literally spring into action. By far the most excited I’ve been all day as we slug through an overwhelmingly mediocre slate of games. Pains me to say it but Iowa losing a 4-point game without much drama has been the best theatre so far. Except for this cheerleader. She saved the day and now we can get back to St Mary’s dogwalking IU up and down the court.